Monitor your oil level in real time

Set up automatic alerts so you never run out of oil!

Detect anomalies and optimise your oil consumption

Order your heating oil at the best price


Easy installation

Connect the FullUp router to your modem, screw the probe onto your oil tank and launch your application!

7 to 10 year battery life

The gauge is battery-operated with batteries lasting 7 to 10 years.


The FullUp probe is compatible with any type of tank as long as it has a screw cap of the right size (2″, 1 1/2″, 1 1/4″)!

Warning notifications

Your oil tank is down in the cellar or underground at the bottom of the garden? No problem. The probe automatically connects to the FullUP hub with a maximum range 150 metres.

FullUP is not just a connected oil gauge

We can also help you get the best price when you order your oil!

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Will my tank be compatible with FullUP?

The sensor has been designed to be compatible with the vast majority of oil tanks. It needs to be fitted directly onto the tank. The gauge is delivered with several adaptors: 2″, 1″ 1/2 and 1″ 1/4.

For underground tanks, the gauge is not adapted for use with tanks that do not offer direct access and where there is nowhere to screw the gauge. Visit the “Is my underground oil tank compatible?” section for further information.

Do I need professional help to install the gauge?

No, if your tank has a place where the gauge can be screw-fitted, you do not need a plumber, heating contractor or electrician to install the gauge.

However, if welding is required to adapt your tank, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our partners.

Will I be able to monitor my oil usage?

Yes, the FullUp application enables you to monitor how much oil you use each week.

How do I calibrate the gauge for my oil tank?

When you install the application, you will need to enter the specific dimensions of your tank. For those with underground tanks, please check the “How can I install FullUP on my underground tank if I don’t know its size?” section.


Will the gauge warn me if my oil level is low?

Yes, you will be notified by the mobile application when the oil level falls below the threshold you have set.

Can my oil supplier deliver automatically when the level of my tank is low?

We are already working with several heating oil suppliers who deliver to their customers automatically thanks to the FullUP application. Please contact us for further information.

Is my underground oil tank compatible with FullUP?
  • Check that there is somewhere on the tank to screw the probe. The gauge has to be screwed directly onto the tank and cannot be fitted to a pipe. If you fit the gauge to a pipe, the measurements are likely to be incorrect. The photos here show where it is possible to install FullUP.

  • The modem receiver must be placed inside the house at a height higher than that of the tank, with the antenna pointing towards the tank. The free-field communication distance between the gauge and the receiver is 150 m. This will vary depending on the number of obstacles and the house insulation.
How can I install FullUP on my underground tank if I don't know its size?

Easy! All underground tanks are cylindrical as this shape offers the best resistance to pressure.

You simply need to:

1. Insert a measuring tape or rod to the bottom of the tank to calculate the diameter.

2. Enter the volume and the diameter into the application!

If you do not know the exact volume, you can change the parameters when you next refill your tank!